Book Review: The THC Under a Gibbous Moon

Did you say, THC!? Yes, I did. And yes, it’s not Tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC stands for Total Holistic Centre, the Hogwarts for the lost and the broken.

I had received this book as a giveaway prize. And to be honest, I was sceptical to start this after reading the blurb. What looked like a YA turned out to be more of an erotica, with purposeless sexual references convoluting the plot.


Three strangers, with three different problems, meet at this place called the THC. THC is a wellness health farm that helps people to get rid of their psychological issues and move on with their lives in a healthy way. The three protagonists Samar, Sanjaneka and Varun (all in their late forties to early fifties) had underlying sexual complexities, leading to difficulties in the present time. The story starts with Samar moving to this utopian centre for his impotency treatment. And then, the trio meets at a Lunch Table, connecting instantaneously.
The narrative is simple and fast paced. The prose is not bombarded with fancy words, is simple to understand. The plot is engaging and the subplots have been woven interestingly. However, I still found the subplots to be prescient. Though, I liked how the author took simple things like the forever bracelet or the JAZZ cologne to link the characters. Oh yes, characters! The characters were carved well and seemed real, so brownie points for that. The book also covered the Holistic Centre’s modus operandi, which I found unnecessary or too much of information, at times. I mean, why would I be interested in a reflexology stone when we just read how one of the protagonists got separated from her spouse.

Since it was dealing with issues like genophobia and LGBT, I was expecting it to be more detailed and highlighted, but they were canvassed with their ongoing treatments.
The Foreword mentions, “Like a gibbous moon, all the characters in this book (and the readers too!) need completion and closure, and need to shine with their complete light.”
Hell no! The closure of the book (at least) was gawky and clichéd.
I would personally not recommend it, but it’s a quick one time read. Especially when you have nothing to do.

My rating: 3/5
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