Book Review: She’s Come Undone


Do you see that Book Oprah’s Club sticker on the right? Yes, the reason why I picked this book at a random booksbyweight counter in Mumbai.

The protagonist, Dolores Price, faces a number of issues starting with 257 pounds of fat rolling her self-confidence like a crumpled paper ball. Adding to the list, her parents get divorced, peer rejection, molestation and what not. It seemed as if Satan had devoted all his energies to destroy this girl. I could literally shout at her to shake some sense into her. This is my first Lamb book and clearly, the author has no idea what it feels to be an overweight girl in a society. He has taken a general perception and tried to weave a story based on that, something that annoyed me throughout. Also, the author is trying way too hard to get readers into the sympathetic mode.

I, particularly, had gotten way too tired reading this. The ending, of course, gives one a sense of comfort; it’s not ‘prince kisses her goodnight and now everything will be alright’ kind of ending, but it shows that in times of adversity if we maintain our calm, think through and work hard, we can overcome anything and everything.

Considering the colossal misfortune and the length of this book, I will definitely not recommend this to anyone. I still don’t understand why it was even picked up for Book Oprah’s club. Okay, too much hype.

My Rating: 2.5/5
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