Guest Post: Trek to Harishchandragarh by Vandana Saini

One of my friends, Vandana just came back from a wonderful trek, and I asked her whether she would be interested in sharing her experience with us. And since she doesn’t have a WordPress account, I am posting on her behalf.


To be happy–one must find one’s bliss

Truly a heaven on earth would be too much to say, but then words really aren’t enough to justify the beauty of such places.
This was my first trek and for at least 15 other people. For few of them, it was a routine experience. I went ahead with my friends, but even if you go solo, there’s nothing to worry; because one can be sure to multiply the number of friends they start with. The trek started on Friday midnight via bus, an overnight journey for the base village from Thane, Mumbai.  Around 5 AM (I am bad at tracking time!) we were somewhere in hills, lush green mountains all around. Mystifying! We reached the base village around 7 AM, where we had our national fancy breakfast, POHAAAA and CHAI!
The Humble Beginning
We were doing this trek with the Mumbai Travellers Group, their representatives: let’s know more about them. Interesting people, all three of them: Suraj Shedge (Senior Suraj), Suraj Nirmale(Senior Suraj is this man’s right hand), Yashwant (Last minute replacement, but I am thankful! He is one of the most entertaining people you’ll ever meet. He is a law teacher who also is a guitar teacher and sings the song with proper sargams, without missing a single swar!). It was a privilege to have them lead the trek. And then, we started our TREK with the sound of the National Anthem, filling up our lungs with oxygen, energy and yes, pride. Shortly afterwards, it started to rain and while we were carrying our raincoats, we preferred to get drenched in the showers, cleansing our dusty souls. As we progressed, we found many, like literally many awesome sights on the way to the top: Multicoloured crabs, waterfalls, cliffs, challenging yet facile. Remember the time, when we had read in our school textbooks about glucose, it is the real life saver; there were many chai tapris on the way to the top, each of them served delectable chai. We saw 3 historical temples, simple designs yet intricately beautiful. Surrounded by streams of water, the serenity was indescribable.
We reached our caves after all where we were supposed to stay overnight. The food was ready, Bajre ki roti and kadhi and chutney. Different, yet again. The idea of being so close to nature and hence, no washrooms; nature for nature’s call!
Since it was raining incessantly, we took some rest. Then, played a few games, got to know each other and slept around 10 PM. The next morning, we woke up around 7:30AM, and started for Konkan Kada cliff. We reached there in 10 minutes, quite a quickie. And my, it was all foggy and nothing was visible. Just when I had this thought that this wasn’t my expectation or I could have seen this anywhere and we should all head back, the breeze howled and it was super beautiful all again. Pure heavenly bliss. Now I know why there are no Gods on earth, they all are sitting up in the clouds, having wonderful views from there, all the time.
After effects of spiritual cleansing
We started for the base village after that, with full sentiyapa (that is a word, we Indians tend to use instead of sentimental #SorryNotSorry) this time, not wanting to come back, and not even once did we even touch our phones. We were all together, just the 28 of us, for each other. Taking utmost care that no one falls. *Kadam Kadam badhay jaa!*
For the love of poses
The icing on the cake was when we found mangoes on our way back home and we had to stop, right? We just had to. And that was a treat to ourselves. The experience was enthralling and am so glad that I went for this trek, for this will remain forever in my heart (first experiences are always special).
Dil Mango More!
This experience was living the quote, today is hard, tomorrow is difficult but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine!

P.S- This is my first blog post entry, this is SPECIAL as well, thank you Ankita!:) 


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