Book Review: Angad


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Three thousand years ago, a man devastated by the loss of his daughter builds a city and creates the Kingdom of Mindhaas.

Two centuries later, when the same realm is plagued by the “beasts of the sands”, who know none of the ways of civilised living, the king of Mindhaas calls upon his best warrior to rid the world of their entire race.

The leader of the Mindh forces, and the one true love of the princess of Manuforpur, is their only hope. But little do the protectors of Mindhaas know that their land is soon about to be shaken by the mighty forces of another Kingdom as well.

Pirouetting through a time of grand cities boasting gates of gold and when the might of kingdoms was measured by the number of war elephants kept, an epic love story between two souls from different cities creates a stir and provokes a war. And thus a fellowship of men robed in loved and determined to form sovereign nation from a land known for its splendour and justice rises,

A tale of determination, survival, war, love and…Angad.


The story begins with the origin of the kingdom of Mindhaas, followed by the introduction of the “beasts of the sands” called Nymados. The story slowly unfurls, as we discover our protagonist Angad, the brave warrior. How Mindhaas shaped him and how Mindhaas now is an indispensable part of his life. And when he visits the Kingdom of Manuforpur as a messenger, he finds himself in the puddle of the world’s most beautiful feeling, love; with the audacious princess of Manuforpur, Maitali. But little did he know that love would not be as easy as overthrowing a settlement by a war. The plot then revolves around how he manages to confront the two critical challenges: a) a battle with the Nymados to save Mindhaas, b) a battle to save his love and himself. And guess what? Happy Ending!

As the author’s first book, this lived up to my expectations (the blurb had me). The narration is simplistic, the characters are vivid and detailed to the right measure. There are so many characters, yet I remember each of them, as each one taught me simple but worthy life lessons. Angad! Oh, how I have fallen in love with this protagonist; a man of few words, humble yet brave, merciless yet compassionate. There were so many instances that had me gripping the book; it seemed that I was reading another saga.
The only put off was the proofreading errors. And a little cliché (Duh, love story!), at some points. The epilogue has got me all the more agog. I just wish to read Part two soon. As the author said, “…the story of Angad has just begun.”

I would like to thank the author for giving me this book. (First Goodreads giveaway!)



Rahul Verma is an avid lover of ancient history and mythology. In addition to that, he is greatly impressed by how ancient civilisation paved the way for righteous and logical ways of living in the modern world.

Imagine a world, for instance, where the Bhagavad Gita had never been written. Or what if there was no Rig Veda. What if the other Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, or any other holy scripture, didn’t exist?

An IT Professional by occupation and a poetry writer in his free time, Rahul decided to embark on a narrative journey which he believes will open the gates of engaging storytelling.


My Rating: 3.5/5
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