A life sciences student going through an existential crisis, I recently graduated from BITS Pilani, Pilani campus with a Masters in Biological Sciences. I have spent almost two decades of my life in Pilani. And trust me, one can never get enough of it, however monotonous our lives maybe. I did my schooling here, my graduation too. And, for the time being, I goofing around my parent’s abode.
A couple of years back, I had started scribbling my thoughts but never cared to share; a fear of rejection squirmed every time I thought of sharing anything but it’s time to let go and soar high. As an avid reader, I read everything including obituaries (No kidding!). I absolutely love handwritten notes and I can write them for you, again no kidding. Witty and intellectual conversations spur me and, I prefer my coffee strong. Actually, I am both a chai and a coffee person.
And like everyone else these days, I am an amateur photographer too (No offense!). NO DSLR, ‘cuz I can’t afford one; Phone camera only. Check them out here.
Want to discuss books, ideas, or how to make masala chai? Shoot me a mail.