Hello there,

Since you are reading this, let me begin by saying that just like you, I am a book dragon. And while I appreciate that you have written something, it’s imperative to know that reviewing is an extensive process. The feedback, if taken constructively, will help you(the storyteller) and me(the reader) alike.

Having said that, here is my review policy:

  • Genres accepted

I am open to all the genres except self-help books, productivity and those pertaining to health/cooking.

  • Format accepted

I prefer physical copies because I am a sloth when it comes to eBooks. But, hey! Does format really matter? Nah.

  • Additional information

As I have said before, reviewing is an extensive process. And when people say, “Hey, reading is your hobby, why are you charging for it?” You have to understand that it doesn’t work that way. Probably writing is your hobby, then why is there a price tag on your book?

Some pointers you need to keep in mind:

  1. I do paid reviews/promotions. The reviews will be honest and unbiased. Having said that, I don’t outrightly bash any author’s hard work. The charges depend upon the mediums of reach and review length. More information regarding the charges will be shared upon query.
  2. I accept review requests over e-mail and the ones I receive on my Instagram page. Once I receive the e-mail, you can expect a reply within two days. When you send an email, make sure to attach the blurb of the book.
  3. The review will be put up 15 days after receiving the book; eBooks bar no exception. However, physical copies will be given preference. If it gets delayed, you’ll be duly notified by email.
  4. If I have multiple books to review, ‘first come, first served’ would apply.
  5. As per the author’s wishes, I can organize giveaways/blog tours/cover reveals/interviews.
  6. If you like my work, I would be happy if you could recommend me. Win-win, right? If you like to give me a feedback, I am up for it too.

You can email me or fill this form